From the Crossroads, with gratitude

Donning a green T-shirt, Pastor Todd Smith paused for a few seconds. The Valencia man was carefully choosing his next words, grappling over syllables as

S2E6 – How to Save a Life

  What does a News Photographer, Female Engineer, Information Technologist, and Businessman all have in common? These four individuals are all Sheriff’s deputies with a

Are you prepared for ‘Ready! Set! Go!’?

Known for its sandy shorelines and hilltop enclaves, the hillsides of Malibu are blackened. Pacific sands typically golden brown are peppered with ash. Twisted metal

S2E4 – Teaching Hart

  Students at Hart High School inspire one another to make a difference in the world with their cancer projects, lead by Paula Bae. Paula’s

S2E3 – The Surprise Adoption

  Discover the decade long journey Dale Sargent faced to find his biological family and how reuniting with them changed his perspective on family.

S2E1 – The Ultimate Gift

  Rob and Faye Kayne discuss the gift of raising a 12-year old with Autism and Apraxia and what their son has taught them about

Lt. Col. David Jackson, U.S. Army

  A 27-year veteran of the United States Army, Lt. Col. David Jackson recalls his experiences in the military and how they have shaped his