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Control hypertension with the DASH Diet

Patrick Moody Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Eating right is an important part of controlling your blood pressure. These tips can help you change your diet for the better.  If your

On the path from good to great

By Paul Raggio Co-owner, One True North There’s a great quote from Jim Collins in his book “Good to Great,” and the selection has everything to do with mindset.  “Good

Are you a ‘Builder’ or a ‘Protector’?

As the CEO, you are faced with making critical decisions every day. It doesn’t matter if you are a “solo-preneur” or if you have 550 employees. Those decisions can make

Facing the mental health challenges of COVID-19

Holly Schroeder President & CEO of SCVEDC The COVID-19 pandemic public health orders designed to protect our physical health have also affected mental health. In fact, 4 in 10 adults

five tips for better hearing

Hearing loss doesn’t only affect our ability to hear clearly, it also affects how we communicate with other people. Hearing loss makes it difficult to hear the conversation, especially if

Ways to cut costs during retirement

The average person will spend more than 50 years in the employment sector. As retirement draws closer, many professionals begin to daydream about giving up the commute and having more

Strategic thinking, execution planning

By Paul Raggio Co-owner, One True North One of the all-time great World War II movies was the 1967 film “The Dirty Dozen.” The plot centers on a U.S. Army

Ready for ‘A Mission to Mars?’

A leadership training exercise I recommend to CEOs is called “Mission to Mars.” CEOS are told to select not more than five passengers from their company to accompany them on

The value of straight talk

One of the attributes most admired in the workplace is straight talk. It’s a universal principle that shareholders, customers, employees, colleagues and vendors all prefer people who talk straight.  

How to talk to loved ones about vaccines

Patrick Moody Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Some people are hesitant to get vaccinated. And it can be difficult to know how to have a conversation about what’s holding them back.

The advantages of a smart hearing aid

Dr. Kevin Bolder AuD, Audiology Associates Smart hearing aids are the most effective management option for any degree of hearing loss. They automatically adjust to your environment to help you

Senior communities now offering lifestyles

Living life to the fullest does not need to stop when adults near or reach retirement age. Age-restricted housing communities once bore the stereotype of having limited recreational options and