Is it safe to travel yet?

Patrick Moody Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Now that more and more people are vaccinated and COVID-19 cases seem to be declining in many areas of

Industrial. Evolution.

By Craig Peters CBRE Executive  It was a typical Tuesday morning on March 10, 2020, as I handed my car over to the valet at

Speech comprehension and hearing loss

Speech comprehension and hearing loss are closely connected. Hearing loss prevents the brain from receiving sound signals which means those sounds are never processed and

Deeper into the profit zone

Ken Keller SCVBJ Contributing Writer Profits are much more than increasing revenue and keeping costs down.  There are 10 elements in your profit zone and

A look at leadership versus management

By Paul Raggio Co-owner, One True North The opening scene in this seven-time Academy Award-winning film is iconic: A lone figure, climbing stairs to a

Keeping small business in business

In the past year, businesses of every shape and size faced unprecedented challenges. Between COVID-19, government-mandated lockdowns and consumer fears that emerged as the pandemic

Raising heart-healthy kids

Patrick Moody Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Think heart health is solely an adult topic? Think again. Research suggests that the risk factors for heart disease

Update on Prop 19, inheritance concerns

By Jeff Prang Los Angeles County Assessor  Last month, I visited with you about a new Constitutional amendment to Proposition 13 that threatens the ability

The SCVEDC 2020 Annual Report

Holly Schroeder President & CEO of SCVEDC The COVID-19 pandemic brought both health implications and serious economic ones. In 2020, the Santa Clarita Valley Economic