Remember the heroes this Fourth of July

By Mayor Cameron Smyth Every year, the Fourth of July holiday is filled with parades, professional fireworks shows, barbecuing and other festivities with family and

Celebrating, recognizing women throughout history

With the March 24 City Council meeting being canceled as a response to the directives around COVID-19, the Council won’t have the opportunity to formally recognize March as “Women’s History Month” as we had planned.

Homelessness in the SCV

It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to be unsheltered this time of year. The weather has turned downright chilly, and some nights drops below freezing.

Looking forward to 2020

I am looking forward to all we will accomplish in the coming year. Several major projects are coming to fruition, essential programs that will be put into effect and new amenities coming online.

Santa Clarita will not be defined by this

It only took 16 seconds to shatter our community’s sense of safety. The time it will take for parents not to worry about their kids every morning when they send them off to school will take much, much longer.

Holiday magic at ‘Light Up Main Street’

Tis the season to reflect on the past year and celebrate all the things for which we are grateful. The holiday season is also a time to spend with loved ones, continue festive traditions and even make new ones.

Celebrating the State of the City

Every fall season we shine the spotlight on Santa Clarita and celebrate the State of the City. This annual luncheon is an opportunity to reflect on the past year’s accomplishments while looking forward to what the future holds.

Two wheels, fresh air and miles of trails to explore

In the Santa Clarita Valley, miles upon miles of paved trails offer bicyclists of all ages the opportunity to put on a helmet, kick up the kickstand and feel the breeze against their face as they go for a relaxing bike ride to explore the natural beauty of our City.