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Strong, Stylish Spring Home Upgrades

5 renovation projects where brick takes center stage Springtime is a perfect opportunity for homeowners to begin planning renovations to enhance the interior and exterior

Use natural light to reduce your energy load. Use mirrors, skylights and white ceilings and walls to increase natural daylight inside your home.

Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly

By Michele E. Buttelman  Among the most used “buzz” words of the last decade are sustainability and eco-friendly.   Americans are constantly reminded to reduce waste,

Spouting off tips to avoid water waste

Drought conditions persist in the Western United States, leading lawmakers to enact measures designed to reduce water consumption by residents. Homeowners are now having to

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Is it Time for Artificial Grass?

Increasing drought and advancing technology are ‘growing’ its popularity  By Jim Walker  Severe drought and the accompanying restrictions on outdoor irrigation may have you seriously

Juli and Blaine Woodgerd moved to Missoula, Montana in August of 2020.

Moving Out of State

By Michele E. Buttelman  Moving out of California is a hot topic of conversation throughout the Santa Clarita Valley, and throughout the state, as well.  

Organic gardens can provide healthy, safe produce without chemicals or pesticides.

Join the Organic Gardening Movement

By Michele E. Buttelman  Is veggie gardening in the Santa Clarita Valley challenging? It can be, but it’s also rewarding. Despite droughts and blazing temperatures