Home & Garden

Pre-Winter Perennial Pruning Pointers 

Foliage and football might be two things people instantly associate with fall, but there’s more to this beloved season than brightly colored leaves and action

Reconsider That Fixer Upper 

Financing option makes home improvement more attainable  For younger homeowners and first-time homebuyers in particular, money is likely to be tight. When most available cash

Lawn and Garden 

How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Green  Homeowners’ fasciation with a lush, green lawn is something that has developed over time and is still “growing”

The Basics of Fertilizing Your Lawn 

Fertilizing a lawn can be intimidating. An array of fertilizers, with each seemingly designed to address a different issue, can make homeowners’ heads spin .

Decluttering 101 

By Michele E. Buttelman  Signal Staff Writer  It is said we spend the first half of our lives acquiring “things” and the second half of

Creatively Display Your Favorite Photos 

Family photos, vacation pictures, candid snapshots of friends and family — they’re often visual representations of some of your most treasured moments, so it’s likely