The right tools for the home renovator

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Home renovation projects can be both exciting and tricky. Do-it-yourselfers are inspired by designs showcased in magazines, websites and their community. When DIY enthusiasts see a design they like, it’s understandable that they may want to emulate these looks at home.

Remodeling is one of the larger DIY undertakings, and it goes be- yond simple carpentry. Considering demolition, reconstruction, electrical, plumbing and masonry work may be part of the DIY package, homeown- ers, who are thinking about renova- tions, must first stock up on the tools and other supplies of the trade.

Having the right tools can mean the difference between a job well done and a job that needs to be redone.

Crowbar or pry bar Before you can put in new construction, you might have to get your hands dirty with some demolition. Crowbars or pry bars can be used to pry up wood slats, remove nails or remove old decking.

Tool pouch A tool pouch gives DIYers a place other than their pockets to store fasteners and hand tools. Pouches can be attached to tool belts for added storage capacity.

Stud finder Invest in a more fool-proof method of locating studs behind drywall then knocking on the wall. Stud finders can provide a picture of studs, pipes and other hid- den items inside an entire length of wall. This is essential to driving nails where they belong.

Level A level is an essential tool for everyone from casual decorators to more involved renovators. Wheth- er hanging pictures or ensuring molding is parallel, levels are must- have tools for DIYers.

Safety glasses Invest in a pair of safety glasses so no one working on a project deals with obstructed vision. Safety glasses provide ample eye protection.

Extension cords If power tools are part of the renovation picture, extension cords can safely extend power where it is needed. Be sure to invest in a gauge that is large enough to handle the amperage of your most powerful tool.

Measuring tape The “measure twice, cut once” mantra is key to home improvements. To measure accurately each and every time, no tool chest is complete without a sturdy measuring tape.

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