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Tracking, breaches, doorbells and AirPods

When you don’t know a data breach occurred, you struggle to keep up with updates, patches, new security measures, and damage control. That’s one reason I distribute an exclusive free newsletter about security alerts;

Trying to keep your privacy in the digital age

The scene plays out like a thriller: You pull out your phone, and you see an ad for AirPods. “Wait a minute,” you think. “Didn’t I just have a conversation about AirPods with my friend? Is my phone … listening to me?”

Is it time to break up with Facebook?

Facebook isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, even though we have enough reasons to dump it: privacy issues, privacy issues and — more privacy issues.

Brunette girl in light grey knitted sweater reading message in smartphone while spending time in cafe

Tips for better messaging, part II: Android

If you’re looking to break away from the generic Android messenger, try this good-looking app. With a clear, smart and clutter-free layout, QKSMS makes texting stylish and simple.

Tips for better messaging, part I: iPhones

With Apple and Android operating systems accounting for most smartphones in the U.S. market, we grabbed a few of Kim Komando’s tips for the iPhone, and next week, we’ll cover Android.

10 ways to make cash with technology

One thing is sure: Technology has opened up a lot of job opportunities. Specialized apps and websites make second jobs more accessible and more flexible than ever — and some people are making serious bank.

A look at the evolution of influencers

Every year, companies give billions of dollars to “influencers” who promote the companies’ products, typically on their social media accounts. This is known as influencer

Tips for keeping your phone, laptop around longer

Spill one cup of coffee, and fry your laptop. Drop your tablet while taking a photo, and it can plunge to its doom. Lose your grip on a smartphone, and your $1,000 device could slip through a drainage grate and disappear forever.

Print like a pro — cleanly and safely

Decades ago, Silicon Valley promised us the “paperless office.” We’ve gotten closer than before thanks to automatic PDF conversion, e-signed contracts and tablet displays, which have spared us millions of reams of paper.

Who’s listening, free software and more

Yes, smart speakers are handy. Yes, they are fun. Yes, they can be fabulous for people with physical challenges. But it has also become clear that devices like the Echo and Home are always listening.

Five tips for keeping phones and tablets tidy

You have a few options of ways to clean your phone: You can buy products specifically made for that purpose, or you can make your own. Screen wipes make for a great way to rub down your smartphone screen, which is the part of your phone you touch the most.

Doorbell videos, browser history, changing photos

Video evidence is gold in prosecutions, so, understandably, the police would be interested in seizing street-level surveillance. But Ring owners should be aware of how their service can be used and their rights when law enforcement comes knocking.

The story with robotext spam messages

If you thought robocalls were annoying, get ready. Spammy text messages promising free gift cards, low credit card interest rates, debt relief services or other scams are the next nuisance taking over our phones.

How to check if a website is legitimate

Navigating the internet can be especially tricky sometimes, and it’s getting even worse as the days go by. It’s hard enough to watch out for phishing scams that seek to pilfer your private information.