Technology (retired)

Scammers don’t care about global tragedies

Here’s a cynical expression we can assume all phishing scammers keep in mind: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Even in light of a global pandemic, the worst of the worst are still trying to steal money from innocent people.

Telecommuting tools to help you work remotely

With the growing number of people who work as independent contractors or otherwise on a freelance basis, and many seeking “telecommute” option to bring into their office into their own home, remote tools have become very popular.

Ten sites where you can watch movies for free

This question plagues us, no matter how we watch TV. Once we’ve binged our favorite series, seen all the recommended shows and movies, and browsed every genre we could find, we still hit a wall.

Tech toys in the attic can be worth big bucks

That old computer may have stored only 100 kilobytes of data, but it may fetch an astonishing price. For vintage technologies from a bygone age, they sure are hot commodities. See how much the best-sellers are going for.

Five ways to limit your phone’s location tracking

If you take extra steps, you can prevent iOS and Android from tracking you. Known as “Frequent Locations,” this feature pinpoints your movements, your home, your work, and everything else you permissioned.