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USDA closes forests until mid-September due to wildfire danger

Due to the ongoing wildfire threats plaguing the state of California, the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service has closed access to a number of nearby forests.   Included in the list, among a number from surrounding communities across the U.S. Forest Service’s California service area, are the Angeles National Forest, Los Padres National Forest and San Bernardino National Forest.  

Friday night quake felt in SCV

A magnitude-4.6 earthquake was registered approximately 40 miles southeast of Santa Clarita, in South El Monte California, on Friday night.  The earthquake occurred at 11:38

Heat alert returns to the SCV

The Santa Clarita Valley is under another heat alert until Tuesday, as triple-digit temperatures return.  On Monday temperatures return to the mid to upper 90s,

Nearby fires bring smoke, ash to SCV

Santa Clarita Valley residents woke up to another red sun Thursday morning, as smoke and ash from the fires raging nearby continued to fill the

Heat wave comes, stays in Santa Clarita

The Santa Clarita Valley is under a heat wave until Monday, with projected temperatures staying in the triple digits throughout Labor Day weekend, according to

Heat advisory returns to SCV

A heat advisory has been issued for the coming week, with weather officials projecting triple-digit temperatures for the Santa Clarita Valley by next weekend.   The