Gary Horton: It’s what he said, folks

Steve Knight, Bryan Caforio

Pick your favorite flavor” has apparently generated some consternation on the Republican side of our community.

I began with the statement “This is not a political hit job” — and it wasn’t. It was a straightforward summary of the information and insights I gained from two meetings with each candidate for the 25th Congressional District.

And plainly, the summation that Steve Knight is a competent and fairly straightforward Tea-Party-ish Republican holds true. Show me what was not accurate.

Is that Steve is a prototypical Tea Party guy a bad thing for you Republicans out there? And as for Bryon Caforio, are his positions not those of a fairly typical Clinton-ish Democrat?
Yup. And is that bad for the Democrats?

As to the statement that Steve Knight holds our deficit as the greatest threat facing America and that his highest priority is to eliminate the deficit — this is plainly what he has spoken.
And as to Steve saying he would cut the NASA budget – he said that exact thing straight up twice in one night at his meeting with the VIA, which I attended at Salt Creek less than a month ago.

Call Steve. Ask him. He will agree that he said it because cutting and eliminating the deficit is his highest priority. Period. He said this many times.
All this may be good or it may be bad, depending on your point of view. But what is important is that it is the simple truth.

Steve’s much-emphasized position is to cut, cut, cut — and he specifically included NASA for cuts in his presentation — twice. Call his office and ask.

Steve’s not holding any prisoners in his quest to salvage the U.S. through elimination of the budget deficit — and NASA was specifically mentioned as a target.

Steve will tell you I did not misrepresent anything.

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