Brian Baker: Joe’s coming; set another seat at the dinner table


Internet “memes” are images or pictures that have some kind of ironic or caustic message in words printed over them.

There’s a very funny one going around that shows an image of an empty city boulevard. On the top are the words “Republicans rioting after Obama elected in 2008 and 2012.”

That really sums up pretty well where we are at this point in our political history. In the days following the Nov. 8 election, we’ve all been inundated with news reports and scenes of leftists running around and rioting, burning stuff down, screaming at cops and other citizens, blocking freeways and roads, and just generally making pests and fools of themselves.

In other words, spoiled brats throwing a collective tantrum because Clinton lost the election.

They’ve even added to the comedic element by coming up with some absolutely wild-eyed, tin-foil-hat schemes, like California seceding from the rest of the country, an idea with a pretty poor chance of actually happening – as the Confederacy learned during the Civil War – and which these snowflakes would actually know if they ever bothered to learn any actual history.

A degree in ethnic basket weaving doesn’t really cut it in formulating political action plans.

Then there’s the idea that somehow, enough state electors sent to the Electoral College – which officially determines the election outcome – will change their votes to completely overturn the results of the election and either A) make Clinton president, or B) make the election a tie and prevent Trump from being certified.

My guess is that this idea apparently comes straight out of some dude’s now-legal bong pipe because it doesn’t even make any sense. If the electors vote a tie, it goes to the House of Representatives to make the decision, and they’re controlled by the GOP.

If the electors tried to throw the election to Clinton, these snowflakes would find out what a real revolt looks like. So that idea’s going nowhere.

There’s also the idea, even proposed by Pelosi in her infinite wisdom, of doing away with the Elector College altogether through some sort of legislation. Unfortunately for Nancy the Red, doing away with the Electoral College requires a constitutional amendment. Good luck with that.

Now to a certain extent I understand their angst. For the last eight years, under the uber-community organizer in the White House – Obama – they’ve gotten used to running roughshod over the actual rights of everyday citizens – the Joe Sixpacks – and seeing their radical agenda implemented at their every whim.

So the realization that a new day has dawned, and there’s a new sheriff in town, must be alarming, to say the least. And a group that has gotten used to demanding “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” must find this change disturbing, to say the least.

Well, snowflakes, there’s a life lesson in this for you. If you push old Joe too far, he’s going to push back.

And that’s exactly what we saw on Nov. 8, much to the surprise of you, Democratic Party as a whole, and even the Establishment GOP. Plus it certainly didn’t help that you chose to run an unindicted felon and career corruptocrat as your nominee.

So the party’s over, snowflakes. You can still have a seat at the table, but you no longer own the table. The Sixpacks are there, too.

And if you want to stay for dinner, you’ll have to learn how to behave yourselves.


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