You Can’t Take That With You

Artwork by Saugus resident and artist Naomi Young. Courtesy photo
At this stage of life, as I age, I reflect on things we collect. On the endless stuff we acquire Just because we desire, We buy and buy until we die, We shop till we drop. Expecting to get so much joy from that new toy, believing that getting that one more thing will mean everything! We are not getting it that happiness might come with a lot less, and that there’s so much beauty in life’s simplicity, All we truly need instead is a roof over our head, clothes, food, music, some good wine to make life pleasant and  fine, We need to be supportive and kind, enjoy fun, laughter and peace of mind be surrounded till the very end by our family and good friends, Because what we desire and crave we don’t take with us to the grave. For in this game our possessions and fame seem pretty lame, we leave behind only our good name, that is our only claim to fame. So be satisfied with what you got and be happy with your lot. Live well and celebrate before it’s too late. Separate the wheat from the shaft and create new memories that last remember, at the end of our days love is the only thing that stays. Be sure to tell your family daily, that your love them dearly. Simply say it loudly and clearly. Spend all time you can afford in this world, with the ones you love and  adore, enjoy them just a little bit more than before. Because all that we desire and crave we can’t take with us to the grave.