Matching your golf swing to your personality

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Does your golf swing match your personality?  It may sound like a funny question, but it’s important to know the answer.  One of the greatest aspects of golf is the fact that everybody has unique features in their golf swing.  Some swing fast, while others swing slow.  Some have a long backswing, while others have a short backswing.  There is no absolute right or wrong way to swing the golf club.  What’s important, however, is that you find the swing that is right for you.

We live in an age where golf swing advice is just a click away.  Whether you are flipping the channels on your TV, or simply fiddling around on your phone, you can always find somebody telling you something they feel is going to help your swing.  Though this advice can sometimes be helpful, it can also add to an already complicated game.  Instead of searching for that ‘quick fix’, try spending more time discovering the personality of your swing.

There are a handful of golf swings that seem to stand out amongst touring professionals we see on TV.  Fred Couples and Ernie Els appear to be almost bored with the thought of hitting the golf ball.  Tiger Woods, in his heyday, seemed to appear angry at the golf ball.  And who can forget about Jim Furyk?  His swing is so unorthodox that David Feherty once described it as “an octopus trying to escape from a phone booth”!  Jim Furyk became successful, however, because he didn’t listen to the critics telling him to change his backswing.  It worked for him, and that’s all that mattered.

The common mistake that I see with most players is that they are too concerned with how their swing looks to those around them.  Therefore, they struggle with allowing their swing to take on its own personality.  This is true with adults, as well as juniors.  Spend less time concerned with the look of your swing, and spend more time working on the feel you are generating.

To work on this idea, I like to have my students make golf swings with their eyes closed.   Swinging with your eyes closed requires that you establish perfect rhythm and balance, otherwise you are likely to fall!

Do yourself a favor and stop being concerned with the look of your golf swing, and instead work on developing the proper feel for your golf swing.  If you can learn to swing the golf club with your eyes closed, your rhythm and balance will improve, and your golf swing will take on the type of personality you can be proud of!


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