Thomas Oatway: Focus on the wrong problems

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Ms. Stamper-Brown (“Damage left in wake of ‘No Drama Obama,’” Friday’s Opinion page) cannot seem to get over the fact that Barack Obama is now enjoying life as a private citizen, whereas her focus should be on those who currently represent us in Congress and the White House.

She bemoans Obama’s now-affluent lifestyle, his hanging out with “leftists” like Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen, and the golf he played while on vacations during his presidency.

I wonder if she has been paying attention to the weekend trips that Donald Trump has been taking to his properties, including Mar-a-Lago and New Jersey. Did Obama nominate billionaires to staff his Cabinet?

As for blaming Obama for doubling the federal deficit, it should be pointed out that the GOP controlled one or both houses of Congress (which controls spending) for most of his two terms.

The biggest deficit increases resulted from bipartisan spending to recover from the Great Recession, a fallout from George W. Bush administration policies.

Ms. Stamper-Brown forgets that Bush led us to unpaid-for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the birth of ISIS and radical Muslim terrorism. If she and others of her political philosophy had the nation’s best interest in mind, they would be more concerned by Nixonian maneuvers by our current president.


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