Letters to the Editor

Dennis Fuerst | Hate at the Ballpark

So the L.A. Dodgers fan base has been advised the Dodgers’ version of “Pride” is to mock and denigrate Christian religions in general, and the

Rick Barker | Trying to Be Polite

In re: Arthur Saginian, “A Follow-Up on a Follow-Up,” letters, April 28. I always try my best to be respectful and polite when dealing with

Ron Leibsker | Women! Fight Back

I just read an article on my computer today that solidifies my thoughts of trans men competing in women’s sports. I have been surprised that

Ron Perry | Don’t Separate; Unify

Here we go again! Diversity, diversity, diversity! The most recent was the announcement in The Signal on May 13, “COC receives 2022 institutional DEIA Champion

Rob Kerchner | Ever Heard of Tides?

How does any thinking person fear a few inches of “projected” sea level rise over a century on this planet, when tides, swells, and storms

Alexander Duncan | California’s Lost Promise

As we reflect on Gavin Newsom’s four-year tenure as California’s governor, it’s evident that his leadership has significantly deviated from the Golden State’s historic commitment