Letters to the Editor

Rick Barker | Simple Is Always Best

A lot of talk everywhere regarding the widespread violence that we are experiencing worldwide and here in the U.S. in particular, and as usual everyone

Lois Eisenberg | A Third World Country Now

America is now headed to (become) a third world country. The Supreme Court has now “goose-stepped,” leaving their third world footprints in their regressive/oppressive quicksand

Rob Kerchner | Who’s Taking Your Guns?

The same side that wants to defund the police, make parole easy, release arrestees without cash bail, eliminate mandatory minimum sentences, and handcuff the police

Thomas Oatway | Ironic Timing

During the presidency of Donald J. Trump we regressed in protections for human life from gun violence and the woman’s right to control her own

Bob Comer | A Lesson for Lois

Re: Lois Eisenberg, letters to the editor, June 21. The fact that  President Donald Trump wasn’t impeached should tell Lois that she should be better

Max Morgan | Another Week, Another Rant

Good grief! Another week. Another repetitive rant from Lois Eisenberg (June 21). Donald Trump is the devil. Republicans are evil. Nobody cares, Lois. Nobody is