Letters to the Editor

Gary Morrison | For the People?

Re: Melody Keppler, letters, Nov. 23. Well, Melody, thank you for responding to my comment. The fact that you missed my point and went straight

Kirk F. Smith | Doing Homework on Vaccines

In response to Thomas Oatway’s letter, “Ignore the Vaccine Disinformation,” Nov. 26:  As much as I respect Mr. Oatway’s opinions on the COVID-19 vaccines, and

Ron Perry | Disagreements on Water

In response to Brian Richards’ Nov. 23 letter:  There are three things we disagree on this whole water problem. First, it has nothing to do

Shari Gibbs | Calling Out the Emperor

I first heard the story, “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” as a grade schooler. I thought it was funny (and pretty stupid) that someone could be

Arthur Saginian | Agreeing with Kraut

I’ve acted out of character twice already by agreeing with something written by Gary Horton, but I really outdid myself this morning (Oct. 12) by