Mertz: Is it time to investigate Trump’s investigation?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

During Jim Comey’s year-long investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, he provided a long list of improper and – many would argue – illegal activities of the aspiring president. And yet he never empaneled a grand jury, despite the hard evidence.

In just weeks since Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel to investigate Trump, he wasted no time empaneling a grand jury despite no charges, no evidence, no witnesses, and no case.

How can that be?

Mueller was appointed as the result of illegal leaks from the FBI director to the media. Comey has affectionately referred to Mueller as his mentor.

Mueller has loaded his investigative team with Clinton donors who despise Trump. His grand jury will be made up of citizens from a community that voted 93 percent for Hillary Clinton. Can you imagine such a travesty of “justice” being done to any American citizen, much more the president of the United States?

For Clinton, no grand jury for the abuses at the IRS to target enemies of Obama. No grand jury for the despicable lies told to cover up the murders in Benghazi. No grand jury for the mountain of evidence against Clinton’s crimes and that of her corrupt foundation.

No grand jury against Susan Rice for her repeated lies about unmasking American citizens. No grand jury for the way Obama used surveillance to spy on political opponents. No grand jury for Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s sleazy dealings.

Nope, only a grand jury for the baseless, evidence-free, conspiracy theory of how Putin influenced voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin to vote fom Trump.

If we are serious about finding the truth, it’s time we investigate this sham of an investigation.

Gil Mertz
Agua Dulce

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