Barbara Glasser: Out of the horror, a poem

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
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Out of the horror, a poem

I wanted to share a poem I wrote after trying to wrap my head around the horrific losses in Las Vegas. I hope it will start a conversation.

MADNESS by Barbara Gassner
This news made no sense at all
One wonders how to cope
With all the random violence
And the enormity of its scope —

One second there was music
In another there was death —
Scrambling to save strangers
Holding on ‘til their last breath.

Killer high above the fray
His intent to kill and maim
Setting up with no one knowing —
All he had to do was aim.

We cannot close our eyes
Without seeing the insanity;
It has happened way too often —
These crimes against humanity.

Atrocities of great magnitude
One can hardly take it in —
Life will never be the same
But we must not let violence win.

The second Amendment gives all the right
To defend and to bear arms;
I doubt it meant private stockpiles of
Automatic weapons causing harm

Politicians won’t face the NRA
With big guns … they’re all in bed —
While at our schools and arenas
Machine guns leave our loved ones dead.

So now it’s up to each of us
To be the voice of all we’ve lost —
Get those who make the laws to listen
And stop this madness at all cost.
Copyright 2017 Barbara Glasser. Glasser is a Valencia resident.


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