Joan Peterson: An Ethical Tragedy

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Trumpism is now a word synonymous with having no ethics.

When did our freedom-loving nation become so depraved?

That we now accept outright lies, deceptions and “fudging” as a regular course of action in politics and business?

When Wordsworth recounted those substantive words, “The world is too much with us, late and soon,” Did he forecast what was not just, “too much reliance on materialism.”

But also, that everyone was starting to bend truths toward their own benefit?

For that is how we now seem to operate as a matter of course.

How could a stronghold of freedom such as ours forget truth, forget ethics, and allow pervasive lying to become a daily event?

WW II taught us that type of government can’t succeed. Or did we learn anything?

Have we forgotten so soon the results of misinformation, the destruction of lies?

Have we been educated so poorly that we can’t use common sense to guide us?

Do we not see that maintaining a healthy earth accompanies healthy minds?

Momentary gratification does not justify forsaking an ethical stance!

Joan Peterson
Friendly Valley


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