Baby, it’s cold outside — defeating the morning chill on the golf course

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Have you felt the chill in the air?

Not so much during the day, but it is there first thing in the morning. I love it. The cool air feels refreshing, and offers the perfect counter balance to that morning cup of hot coffee.

For golf, however, that morning chill isn’t necessarily a welcome feeling.

Swinging a golf club on a chilly morning isn’t easy. Your hands are cold, and that makes it difficult to have a proper feel for your golf club.

Once you finally get your hands settled on the club, it’s an entire new challenge to make a golf swing. You feel achy, and it’s difficult to make a full turn. When this happens, it’s time for you to slow down.

Start thinking of your golf swing the same way you think about your car. When it’s cold, you need to take a bit more time to let that baby warm up. As difficult as it may seem, you need to warm up on the range with the longest swings you can possibly make.

The cold you are feeling throughout your body will make this difficult, but it’s the best way for you to burn off that chill.

I recognize that when I am cold, I tend to rush through everything. Most of you are probably the same way. You should make your long warm up swings as slow as you can.

The longer and slower you can keep your swing, the better you will warm up. As you begin to feel a bit warmer, your golf swing should start to feel better.

For those of you who rush directly from the car to the first tee on these chilly mornings, no problem. What you should do is hold two clubs together and make a few long practice-swings this way. You will feel a nice stretch by doing this, and you’ll be feeling warmer in no time.
Golfing on cold mornings is not easy.

However, if you take the time to properly warm yourself up, you’ll begin to experience greater success. Good luck, and stay warm.

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