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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: “More women needed in leadership, Congress” by Katie Hill published Dec. 23.

The writer seems to be under the illusion that her sex grants some special ability to solve the problems she perceives. In an era of Identity politics, many sub-groups have taken it upon themselves to fix our problems as they see them.

I might point out that there is a whole lot more to problem solving than the sex you were born with. As an example, I would put forth Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren.

Both these women, by their examples, show a contempt for common sense and a diminished degree of logic.

I would submit that our current President seems to be doing a very capable job of improving things that have plagued us through the eight previous years. I also would assume that from the “D” connected with her name, that she does not approve of the current administration.

Problem solving requires that you are first able to identify what the problem is and then how to go about solving it. It was previously thought that more regulations and stifling business was our path to success. The last year has proven that the correct path is 180 degrees in the opposite direction

The liberals might complain to the heavens that we are doomed but in fact it is only the state of California that is doomed as are other states that follow the same path.

Ms. Hill may feel that she truly sees the light but the truth will be if she knows the right path to follow.

Jim Horton

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