Larry Blanton: A rebuttal

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I feel compelled to respond to Mr. Germain’s letter from Feb 3.  Let’s dissect a few of his comments.

“The United States has always been a nation of immigrants…”  I agree, a nation of legal immigrants.  Mr. Germain and the rest of his ilk never distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants.  We have at least 11 million illegal immigrants in California alone, that cost our state $30 billion a year, according to the conservative National Economics Editorial.  Even if it’s half that, it’s far too much.

“Will we protect our [illegal immigrant] neighbors and ensure that they have the opportunity to pursue the American dream, or will we turn our back on our basic tenants and deport them?”  We are a nation of laws Mr. Germain.  There won’t be any American dream if we continue to allow unchecked illegal immigration and provide them with numerous taxpayer-funded benefits.  The United States is $20 trillion in debt! How long can this go on?

“Will we try to save a dying coal industry while defunding future energy, or let America lead the way of green energy?”  You mean like Solyndra and CA high-speed rail?  Today’s clean coal eliminates 99 percent of the pollution and provides a key opportunity to improve America’s energy independence.

“Will we choose to ensure our brothers and sisters receive the care they need at an affordable rate, or will we watch as savable lives are lost?”  ObamaCare is great if you get other taxpayers to pay for it.  But those who don’t qualify for the subsidy have seen their rates skyrocket.  Premiums increased 56 percent in Minnesota to a staggering 116 percent in Arizona (

President Trump’s address cut through the utopian and emotional liberal fog and focused on the hard realities that face this country.  

Larry Blanton
Santa Clarita

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