Out of the Bunker: Remember to be your best you


Golf can be a very competitive game. Whether you are competing against a player who can outdrive you by 50 yards, or you are competing against a player who gets up and down every time they miss a green, golf has a way of making us all feel inadequate at times.

But, why?

Anybody who plays golf realizes that golf is an individual game.

Yes, there are times you may play on a team, but the reality is that nobody can affect your game other than yourself. Once you accept this fact, you are on your way to becoming a better player.

To become a better player, you must simply learn to be your best you.

In other words, you must only be the best version of you that you can be. If a good drive for you travels 180 yards, then work on consistently hitting that 180-yard drive.

There is always going to be the temptation to hit the ball farther, and that generally leads to trouble. By attempting to hit the ball beyond your comfort zone, you are likely to create poor habits in your technique, your rhythm and your balance.

That is a recipe for disaster.

Another way of being your best you is to recognize your abilities. If you are required to hit a high draw over a tree to knock your ball on the green, be honest with yourself before attempting that shot. If it’s a shot you’ve never been able to hit before, you probably ought to attempt a safer shot.

It doesn’t matter if your playing partner can hit that shot, it only matters if you can hit that shot.

Sometimes being a better golfer requires that you swallow your pride, and don’t let your ego get in the way of hitting the best shot for you. Once you learn to be your best you, you will enjoy the game a lot more.

As a result, your handicap will likely drop, as well.

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