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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I was wondering when I was going to be attacked regarding my March 14, 2018 Letter to the Editor pointing out Lois Eisenberg’s continuous rants about President Trump and anything Republican.

Well, on March 22, Stephanie Green responded by saying that I was a “Right-Wing letter writer” stating that I had unleashed a hateful-tirade against all things Democrat. I reread my letter and did not see anything that was “hateful” about all things Democrat.

In response to Eisenberg, what I did try and point out was that over the years, various Democrats in high positions of leadership have done things that were not appropriate.

I said that Hillary Clinton had a computer “server” in her home. Even James Comey said that was reckless and probably was hacked. I also mentioned that her husband had received a great deal of money from “The Russians” for giving a speech and then while Clinton approved a deal to sell uranium deposits to “Russia.”

I also pointed out that many foreign governments made donations to the “Clinton Foundation.” And, of course, the allegations prior to the 2016 election that Russia was meddling in the election.

However, President Obama responded that there was no evidence of meddling and never ordered an investigation. The investigation(s) that are now ongoing were ordered by the Department of Justice headed by Jeff Sessions, a Trump appointee.

When President Bill Clinton was impeached for “lying” about his affairs not one Democrat voted to impeach or convict him.

As I recall, Hillary vilified Bill’s female accusers constantly and defended him repeatedly by saying it was all a “witch hunt” by a right-wing conspiracy. Am I wrong about this?

Now, Stephanie Green calls me a “right winger” because of my pointing out several flaws in some Democrats. Green does not know my thoughts about any of the current issues facing our country.

So, I will give you some.

Yes, I do believe that laws should be followed until they are changed; yes, I believe in some gun control; yes, I believe that women should have the right to decide to have a child; yes, I believe in free enterprise; yes, I believe that the taxes in California are too high and that the tax money in many cases is not well spent or redirected and spent on other things than its original purpose; yes, I believe people should come to the United States legally; no, I don’t believe that California or any state, or city in any state should decide who can come here or stay here as that is the Federal government’s job to regulate immigration; no, I don’t believe my tax money should go toward defending people here illegally; yes, I believe that the state of California over regulates businesses; and, yes, I believe our politicians should be serving the citizens and “legal” residents of this country, state and city not protecting those who have come here illegally; yes, I believe business and those that own businesses create jobs; and, no, I am not a socialist or communist that thinks government can do things better than men and women who understand how a free economy works.

These are many of my beliefs.

Does this make me a “right winger?” I don’t really think so.

And, do I hate everything that Democrats do? No, as a former Democrat, I just disagree with many of their current beliefs on many of the issues.

Like many others, the Democratic Party has moved away from me and far away from what I thought was a moderate reasonable approach to governing this country. It now appears to have moved to a socialistic view of how people should live and be governed.

So, no, I don’t expect to change anyone’s mind but perhaps get them to think about what some letter writers and contributors are saying as truths but are just their “opinions” just like my letters are my opinions but hopefully based on some truths and facts.

And, yes, Stephanie, you lefties do have the right to vent. And, I notice that the lefties do that pretty regularly in this newspaper.

However, what I disagree with is you putting a label on me that is far from being accurate.

Jay DelDotto

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