Joshua Heath: A Word On Civility

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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This letter is regarding the online behavior of folks on The Signal’s website, as well as social media more broadly.

Politics is a passionate business, I know, but far too often we let that passion turn into nastiness towards each other.

During debates on the internet, insults are thrown back and forth like snowballs.

Instead of focusing on the issues and trying to discern a consensus, things just end up mean.

There’s no reason for this.

The fate of climate change, poverty, taxation and the myriad number of other issues we care about does not rest on the outcome of debates online. So please, be kind.

Transfer the anger you may feel at your neighbors into joining a protest march, writing a fiery op-ed, or any of the other activities that keep a democracy moving.

Thomas Jefferson was wise to pioneer the notion of the “Separation of Church and State.” I believe it is time for another theory: the separation of politics and our relations with one another.

Political affiliation shouldn’t define who we choose to be our friends and loved ones.

The mere fact of someone being a living, breathing human being who loves, dreams and toils, as you and I do, is enough to make them worthy of our goodwill.

Now, having said that, Donald Trump still remains a bloody idiot.

Joshua Heath

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