Thomas Oatway: Not the best and brightest

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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I could not have disagreed with Steve Lunetta more regarding his opinion piece in the March 15 edition of The Signal.

His statement that “the people who serve in the White House are many of the best and brightest that our nation has to offer” is argumentative to speak mildly.

The current president’s administration has been beset by internal turmoil, chaos, defections and indictments.

Many cannot qualify for top security clearances, and a few have been escorted out of the West Wing in shame.

I can point to the Betsy DeVos interview on “60 Minutes” as an example of extreme incompetence, ignorance and special interest influence.

It all started with Gen. Flynn, who is singing like a canary to keep himself and his son out of federal prison.

Campaign manager Paul Manafort was indicted, and others have pled guilty and are now cooperating with the Special Investigator, Bob Mueller.

Dr. Tom Price had to resign over excessive travel expenses on charter aircraft, but he was much more dangerous to our healthcare system due to his political bias and conflict of interests.

Gary Cohn, who truly is bright, resigned over the politically motivated and ill-thought out tariff plan.

Others, including the president’s son and son-in-law are being investigated for conflict of interest allegations regarding their business dealings with foreign entities while serving Trump as advisors or special envoys.

He has filled the swamp with alligators and snakes while draining Washington, D.C. of credibility around the world.
I could go on and on.

Some point to his achieving results, such as the tax reform law. It is having the planned effect on corporate stock prices, and reduced taxes for the ultra-rich.

Wish I were one of them.

Meanwhile, the federal budget deficit is climbing and heading to the territory that made conservatives crazy during the Obama presidency.

We are continuing a national debt crisis that our kids and grandkids will inherit.

As for Trump’s personal characteristics, his worst flaw is that he is a compulsive liar.

He is also the most narcissistic person that most of us could ever imagine.

He will say something one day, and the next day back-track after consulting with his political advisers or special interests (e.g., immigration; gun safety).

His womanizing is legendary, setting a moral example that is shameful in terms of family values.

Personally, I can only hope and pray that we survive each successive day without a national emergency that requires true leadership.

Thomas Oatway

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