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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Steve Lunetta:

Reading your commentary in The Signal today, I am hearing the same rhetoric that is used to defend President Trump’s actions and inactions: basically, he is being unfairly tarnished by the distorted views of the “Fake News” media. You cited “CNN headlines that decry the President’s latest golf outing”. I have not seen that much criticism of Trump’s golfing, although he was a vocal critic of Obama’s golfing ventures. I have seen intense reporting on a daily basis of missteps, verifiable lies, miss-direction on issues, numerous White House defections, alleged crime and corruption by associates and appointees, plus irresponsible and controversial tweets.

If he desires less negative media publicity, it must start with his own behavior. Threats to fire the Special Counsel and shut down the Russia investigation invite speculation of guilt. Conducting trade and foreign policy by tweets invites scrutiny. An ill-advised venture into trade wars with China, Mexico, and other allies shows his impulsive nature without critical thought of consequences, including devastating effects on the agricultural community.

Finally, the CBO reported this week that the Trump/GOP tax policies will expand the deficit to $1 trillion or more in 2020, and acceleration of the national debt owed by the American people. Yes, some corporations and wealthy individuals will get massive tax cuts. Some middle class individuals will also get moderate tax cuts, but others who live in Blue States may find that their 2018 tax bills will rise due to deduction limitations.

As the noose tightens on the guilty parties in the Trump Administration, the President is finding his support diminishing. Millennials are finally becoming politically aware, as Trump policies are a danger to their future. If and when a Blue Wave happens in upcoming elections, the GOP will rue the day that Trump was elected. And the See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil supporters in Congress will have been a party to the potential destruction of our democracy.

Thomas Oatway

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