Ted Aquaro: A much safer world

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Recently a friend invited me to attend a gun show at the Ventura Fairgrounds. My friend was in the market to buy some ammunition for target practice. We visited a number of vendors to compare prices. He found a likely prospect so we asked to see the ammunition that was being offered. The vendor opened the box and showed my friend a single round but when my friend reached for the cartridge the vendor recoiled suddenly and told us we were not allowed by state law to touch the cartridge, he had to hold onto it while we looked at it to determine if it was reloadable after it was fired.

At that moment a warm glow came over me when I realized that the State Legislature had again saved thousands of lives by keeping people from tasting and eating live ammunition at gun shows. Think of the indigestion and explosive flatulence which might have occurred had this hard hitting piece of legislation not been passed. Why even my humble existence might have been saved by this law but then it all could have ended by our hitting a pothole on the freeway on the way home. I am always comforted by knowing the legislature has its priorities in line; armed indigestion over streets and highways.

Ted Aquaro

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