Kevin Eliason: Priorities of politics

Signal file photo. Voters cast their ballots at the Bouquet Canyon Church in Saugus on in the June 2016 election. KATHARINE LOTZE/Signal.

I know we have all asked this before but I need to ask it one more time because I am just fuming mad at what has become political waste. If all, or just a part, of the millions being spent on TV and print political ads for the upcoming PRIMARY ONLY, could be used to help the homeless problem throughout the state think of the REAL difference to humanity it could make. We will go through this all again for the November election. My recycle bin is full of political ads and newsletters. I guess we all really know where the priorities are for politicians. Lots of talk and hot wind about the homeless problem but couldn’t they think out of the box just once? Oh well…any one else share this thought? I know, get real. Nothing will change, it will only get worse.

Kevin Eliason
Santa Clarita

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