Knight surprises by voting in favor of farm bill with King Amendment

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Rep. Steve Knight has stated his opposition to the disastrous “King Amendment” in the past, so it was shocking to see that he voted yes on the recent farm bill that included the King Amendment. This vote contrasts sharply from the values of the state that Rep. Knight serves – California.

The state of California has a documented history of passing forward-thinking legislation that takes the interests of all of its citizens and businesses into account, as well as the interests of animals and the environment. The King Amendment is a direct attack against California’s (and all other states’) ability to create their own laws to protect the health and safety of its citizens.

This dangerous amendment could overturn countless consumer safety laws, environmental regulations, state agricultural laws and even hard-fought animal welfare laws. I hope that Rep. Knight will reconsider his vote during the upcoming revote on the farm bill and remember why he rejected the King Amendment in the past. If you, like me, want Rep. Knight to continue fighting for the values and interests of Californians, join me in contacting him and urging him to vote NO on the U.S. House’s next attempt to pass the Farm Bill that includes the King Amendment.

Nancy Oliver


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