Sergio A. D’Agustini: Missing an event


Democrats, Independents, and most likely some Republicans in our area have been giving Republican Congressman Steve Knight a great deal of grief for not doing town halls and not showing up for his constituents. A vivid example was his notorious absence at the Congressional debate on April 28 in Newhall. Hence it’s expected that the Democrats running to replace him be present at the public appearances to address issues for all members of our community, just to start making a difference.

Unfortunately, Katie Hill skipped a candidate forum that was hosted by various Latino organizations. It was the only bilingual forum that offered the best opportunity to reach out to Latino voters. Needless to say this was very disappointing for Latino voters not to hear from. Hill about the major issues that are our concern as a community. Even more disappointing was finding out that she had been at a fundraiser with rich donors in West LA.

While I’m not upset at Mr. Knight for putting his wealthy donors over us, as that is his nature, I’m surprised and extremely disappointed at Katie Hill for her complete disregard of one sector of the population that could make a difference for her in this election. This makes very difficult for me to support Hill when she’s showing a considerable neglect for the Latino community.

Sergio A. D’Agustini

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