Thomas Oatway: Earth to Trumpists: The election is over

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Gil Mertz’ letter on June 20 had a familiar refrain: Blame Hillary Clinton to direct negative attention away from the current president.

Earth to Gil Mertz: Hillary Clinton is not campaigning for office, the 2016 elections are over, and she does not speak for Democrats or independents. Donald Trump won. Now it is time for you and other Trumpists to focus on real threats to his presidency. This includes Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, and several other former Trump associates who have accepted guilty pleas, and who may be cooperating with the special counsel. Trashing Obama and Clinton and blaming former Democrat office holders is whistling past the graveyard.   

And now that Trump has folded like a cheap lawn chair on an L.A. freeway, are you going to take back your arguments that separating children from parents is justified application of the law? And is Trump now the lawbreaker?

Thomas Oatway


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