Lois Eisenberg | Trump the Gangster Got Nuked by the Little Rocket Man

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Letters to the Editor
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More than half of America knew beforehand that the North Korean/American nuke meeting that Kim Jong-un and his ilk had no intention of denuclearizing.

Seeing the American flag standing next to the North Korean flag and Kim and President Trump standing in front this galling spectacle was sickening, horrifying and despicable.

The signing of the defunct treaty that was shown on TV was a complete farce.

Our past presidents knew in advance that Kim and his ilk were dishonest not abiding by the rules about peace talks and agreements.

Our past presidents knew that they were going to be lied to or be embarrassed and opted not to negotiate with Kim and his dictatorship, and that the meetings would end up in the negative column.

Trump, the fool, rushed in just like all fools rush in, not caring if he was going to be lied to or not, because his creed is all about lying.                                                  

Trump’s puppets rushing to suggest that this inept, foolish president might deserve the Nobel Prize was far-fetched, just as the outcome of the nuke meeting turning out positive was

Trump was nuked by the Little Rocket Men and his puppet Rocket Men.

The North Koreans felt that the gangster godfather, Trump, had too many gangster traits.

The gangster got nuked.

Lois Eisenberg


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