Lois Eisenberg | Californians Must Stop the Evil Federal Smog Mandate

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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How can we as Californians and decent humanitarian people allow this evil mandate of smog bellowing back into our beloved state, or anywhere?

We have come so far in eliminating this treacherous health-damaging smog from our atmosphere.

Californians were so determined to eliminate this deadly hazard, and with technology we did it.

Has anyone noticed in the past few years how many smog-free days we have had?

Everyone has a right to breathe clean air and it is appalling to think that President Trump and his ilk are trying to reverse this health-saving mandate into a health crisis with their evil emissions mandate.

Trump’s deadly policies are trying to eliminate this smog control for what reason? Trump’s EPA doesn’t even try to offer a feasible explanation on its evil emissions mandate!

Lois Eisenberg


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