SCV Business Voices: Don’t let discarded data put your business at risk


Steve Sturgeon, Confidential Data Destruction

Technology has changed everything.

When it comes to you, your business, your clients, your privacy; use a nationally certified provider like Confidential Data Destruction to ensure your information is protected.

Identity theft is the fast growing crime in America today, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Discarded information on documents and old computers is now considered the most significant source for identity thieves to commit their crimes.

Articles describing the serious and often long lasting negative effect that identity theft has on a company or an individual appear in headlines every day. Our lawmakers and regulatory agencies understand the obligation that your organization has to protect your customer’s information.

As a result, law enforcement with the backing of the regulatory agencies have issued more fines and criminal charges in the last year than were issued over the last 20 years combined.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your customers’ private information or trade secrets are protected if that information is in your hands at any time. You have an “implied contract” to protect that information simply because you are collecting the data to conduct business.

Your customer has the legal right to expect you to take every precaution to protect their data, including shredding it before it is discarded. For full compliance, set a procedure (if not a policy) on “how, where, who and when” was the information destroyed and arrange for a certificated destruction.

With full protection for you, your customer and the critical information you maintain, you’ll be secure for all the right reasons!

Steve Sturgeon is the founder of Confidential Data Destruction, which has been keeping business data in the Santa Clarita Valley and beyond secure since 2007.


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