Courtesy of Dr. Mwanga Kazadi.

Henry Mayo physician leads the way for vNOTES

As technology progresses, so do its benefits for people in areas such as health. An example is vNOTES, which is a relatively new procedure designed to minimize the invasive nature

A new way to queue without dropping a line

Santa Clarita resident Paul Otrokov is obsessed with wait times. While getting his master’s degree in operations research, studying queuing theory, he realized that though it may be a good

A son’s solution

Being science-minded, it didn’t take long after Santa Clarita native Pier Mantovani’s father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis for him to begin searching for ways to help. Soon, he’d turned

Scorpion announces headquarters move

Internet marketing firm Scorpion made multiple company announcements Wednesday, including plans to open a new headquarters in Salt Lake City.  While Corey Quinn, chief marketing officer at Scorpion, confirmed the

UVDI’s UV-C technology used in new disinfecting robot

UltraViolet Devices Inc. partnered with Badger Technologies to equip the Badger UV Disinfect robot with its advanced UV-C technology to create an autonomous disinfecting robot designed to combat COVID-19 and high-risk

‘Wave of the future’: BrainStim Center opens in Valencia

Local neurosurgeon Dr. Mark Liker is making strides with brain stimulation therapy at his recently opened Valencia center, supporting brain health in patients of all ages.  Liker, who specializes in deep brain stimulation, or DBS, has always had

Using tried, true tech to fight the pandemic

Companies in every industry rely on innovation, especially those working in the medical field.  However when the pandemic hit, it was ironically a technology that’s been around for ages that’s

‘Legos, ’ flames and other amusements

When walking into The Attraction Services Company’s 45,000-square-foot warehouse in Valencia, what stands out first is the metal. A lot of it. Metal welded together to form what CEO Ron

Homepie looks to shake up market

With the internet constantly changing the way consumers buy and sell goods, more direct transactions, for larger and larger purchases, are becoming the norm. Similarly, Brad Rice, who’s been in

Chamber hosts cybersecurity forum

The Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted “Take Control Before It Controls You,” a cybersecurity forum, on Wednesday to help local businesses protect themselves against cyberattacks. With a slate

Santa clarita chamber of commerce logo

Chamber forum tackles cybersecurity for businesses

National cybercrime experts are joining the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce for “Take Control Before It Controls You,” a cybersecurity forum, on Wednesday.  As cybercrime has become one of

A look at the evolution of influencers

Every year, companies give billions of dollars to “influencers” who promote the companies’ products, typically on their social media accounts. This is known as influencer marketing and makes up the