Albert Bigelow | The Truth about Smog and Trump’s EPA

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Lois Eisenberg, a frequent contributor, sometimes has facts to support her letters. Unfortunately, her letter in Wednesday’s Signal (Aug. 29) was totally lacking any and it was just full of vitriol. Here are some FACTS, Lois.

Smog is caused by interactions of nitrogen oxides, ozone and volatile organic compounds, VOCs; Not CO2. Today, VOCs from spray deodorants and hand sanitizers are nearly equal to those from auto emissions. The EPA is proposing  to maintain today’s CAFE  (auto emissions) standard but holding off on the increases Obama’s EPA wanted. Now, about CO2. Trump’s EPA will submit a revised CO2 emission plan for a 60-day public review. The Trump plan DOES NOT eliminate Obama’s Clean Power Plan (the Supreme Court stayed it in 2016 as “an abuse of regulatory power”). Trump’s EPA still seeks to reduce CO2 from coal plants but the EPA will let states take the lead.

Now, Lois claims, “Trump’s EPA doesn’t even try to offer a feasible explanation on its evil emissions mandate.” Even a casual examination of the EPA’s proposed rule will show that’s NOT TRUE. Here are a few:

1. Rather than dictating from D.C., the proposed rule give states flexibility to balance costs, energy needs and CO2 emissions.

2. States will NOT be required to close coal plants before reasonable alternatives are brought on line.

3. Utilities would have problems trying to maintain reliable power grids with uneven input from renewables (clouds impact solar sources and winds do not always blow).

4. The EPA’s proposed rule will reduce power plant CO2 emissions 33 percent below 2005 levels by 2030.

5. Power plants will be encouraged to develop new technology without fear they will be closed in a few years.

I think we all enjoy the improved air quality and reduced smog levels. Let’s not create a fake bogeyman appearing to end these benefits.

Albert Bigelow

Santa Clarita

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