Howard H. Gething | No Surprises in Baker Diatribe

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It never ceases to amaze me how The Signal can give Brian Baker the number of column inches it does. Consider Baker’s latest diatribe, “Knight vs. Hill” (Aug. 24), in which he does a puff piece on Steve Knight while hauling out all the old stereotypical trash talk labels when it comes to describing his congressional opponent, Katie Hill. Well, a shill is a shill.

But let us consider only one point in Baker’s lauding of Knight: his being a former police officer and an upholder of law and order. The former assertion is irrelevant when it comes to running for political office, but the latter assertion raises questions.

Why? Because if one is for law and order then one must be in favor of a strong judiciary, starting with the Department of Justice, the top law and order enforcement agency in the land.

That department, though the head is appointed by the president, is there to serve the people, be for the people, and to uphold the Constitution.

It is not there to become a tool for the president to vilify and bring down his political opponents, critics, or impede investigations. That is dictatorial.

What we have then is a contradiction in Knight; he cannot both support law and order and be in favor of Trump. That is the height of personal hypocrisy and a dilemma that is facing the entire Republican Party.

Until Knight clarifies his position one way or the other, he is a flawed candidate, despite his years of experience.

Perhaps change is in order.

Howard H. Gething,
Santa Clarita

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