Jim Horton | A Hypothetical Tale of a Court Nominee?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Let me spin you a tale. Suppose that sometime in the 21st century, the current president put forth a candidate for a Supreme Court seat. The left saw this as a threat to their ability to kill unborn children. Since 1970, there have been in this country (more than 45 million) abortions in all 50 states. Quite a number!

The candidate put forth was a man of impeccable credentials. He had spent many years as a judge in various courts at many levels. All who worked with him alluded to his outstanding character and his above-average gentlemanly conduct. The left assumed this as a threat to their policies and referred the matter to the left’s committee for dirty tricks. The judge’s background was scoured in detail, looking for any vulnerable actions. None were found. But this did not dissuade the committee. Their motto is, if you have no facts then make something up.

Everything about the judge’s background was looked as possible fodder for the story that the committee had to come up with. They finally found a connection between one of their activists and the judge through their high schools 36 years ago. It was a stretch but with the additional pressure supplied by the #MeToo movement, it might just work. They all had their fingers crossed.

They descended on her to convince her to take one for the team. She hesitated, for she knew the abuse that she was putting herself up for. But they finally convinced her. She hedged her bet as much as possible for, after looking at the judge’s record, she knew that there was a struggle ahead. So, with some temerity, she spoke out, timidly at first but with the teams backing, she stiffened her spine and began the assault.

The conclusion of this tale is yet to be written. Most of us know the truth, but will that be enough?

Jim Horton


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