Sean McLaughlin | Yes, Our Town Really Is Awesome, and Here Are the Reasons Why

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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It has been a very long time since I’ve written and ranted in this newspaper, on subjects including the political, the wondrous, fascinating natural history we live in, preserving open land, even countering those opposing the opening of a Vallarta store behind our neighborhood on Lyons Avenue.

Gary Horton, a long time ago, once wrote a critical, cynical opinion piece on our so-called “Awesome Town.” His kids had relocated to a variety of fabulous locales. Gary’s thesis was, “Ah, compare this town to other places, it’s not THAT awesome.”

From thence I springboard off of Gary’s meanderings.

Many of us who have lived and traveled all over the country appreciate this valley with our travel-worn eyes.

We’ve crossed the country from one end to another, and: We. Love. It. Here.

Why? For one thing, the honest-to-gosh great weather. Hot here in the summer? Yes. But it cools down at night. The weather the rest of the year here is amazingly comfortable. Humidity is low, temperatures are mild. Short sleeves year-round. Beats the humidity, smacking at mosquitoes and suffering the weather extremes in much of the rest of the country.

Living in an anomaly of a still small-feeling, family-friendly, mostly conservative, midwestern “island” valley/town in the “ocean” of a liberal leftist state going nuts.

Living in a valley rich with history: a nexus and crossroads, so close to so much. The spirit of the Old Wild West still persists here.

The high desert, the coast, beach, ocean; mountains, complete with pine forests, yawning canyons, lakes — countless adventures await within an hour’s driving distance. The intense urban experience of Los Angeles and its sprawl-— close enough, and, far away enough.

Lastly: a great hometown newspaper, which welcomes back, to my great joy, institution/icon, humorist John Boston.

Sean McLaughlin


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