Stephen Maseda | Rep. Knight Keeps It Positive While Katie Hill Goes on the Attack

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Letters to the Editor
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I found your article concerning the statements issued by the candidates for the 25th Congressional District concerning National Women’s Equality Day to be enlightening. Rep. Steve Knight issued a positive statement concerning what he has done to further women’s equality, while his challenger, Katie Hill, issue a negative statement attacking him for his right-to-life position.

We suffer from an inability to join hands even if only occasionally, when we can be positive and supportive of each other, such as on women’s equality.

Additionally, it never fails to amaze how much abortion proponents such as Ms. Hill seem to misunderstand the abortion question. Within the guidelines set out by the Supreme Court, the states are free to craft their abortion laws.

The House of Representatives does not control abortion within the states — thus California has a much more liberal statute concerning abortion than does North Dakota.

At least I hope she does not understand the federal system, as the only other explanation would indicate she is pandering on the issue.

This, combined with Hill’s support of Medicare for All, make her a bridge too far for me.

Congressman Knight has been a positive force in our community. He should, in my opinion, be re-elected.

Stephen Maseda


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