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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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It’s only been a year since California experienced some of its most destructive wildfires in both the north and south. Regardless of whether your political leaning is to the right or left, the fact is wildfires are becoming more frequent. They are occurring with increasing intensity and duration. The increasing frequency of wildfires demands immediate attention from our elected leaders. Assemblyman Dante Acosta didn’t support funding — $200 million a year for the next five years — for critical fire prevention efforts. I’m confident that Christy Smith will get that job done as our representative in the state Assembly.

Christy is an advocate for aggressive forest maintenance, so remnants of dead trees and brush don’t become fuel for the next wildfire. Firefighters are at the forefront of this fight, which is why Christy supports providing them state-of-the-art equipment and technology they need to keep our communities safe. That commitment has earned Christy the support of California Professional Firefighters, L.A. City Firefighters, and Ventura and L.A. County Firefighters. I encourage all residents of Santa Clarita to do the same — vote Christy Smith for Assembly on Nov. 6. Let’s elect a leader who will do everything possible to keep our communities safe from the next wildfire.

Eric Goldner

Santa Clarita

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