Erik Finkel | Ken Dean: A Hard-Working Candidate

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter on behalf of Ken Dean, who is running for City Council. We have been friends and neighbors for over 30 years and our children even grew up together.

I have found Ken to be hard-working, dedicated, and an excellent neighbor who is truly committed to his community. Unlike most of us, Ken gets involved in community affairs. When we all moved into the neighborhood, Ken was one of the first to get involved with the board of directors of our homeowners association. He has been on the architectural and landscaping committees for the association and is responsible for many of the enhancements and improvements implemented over the years. He has also been active in local politics and continues to be active to this day.

Ken has been involved with this city since before it was a city. In fact, he was one of the people instrumental in the incorporation of the city. He is not afraid to pick up the phone and call the right city official to help take care of any problem, because he loves Santa Clarita more than anyone I know. Ken wants seemingly simple, but important things for the city like roads, reduced traffic and congestion, synchronizing of signal lights, more parks, term limits and solutions to senior/veteran homelessness. I will vote for Ken for City Council, and I recommend him now, because I believe he will make the city a better place to live, for folks like me.

It has been a privilege to have Ken as a neighbor and a friend for so many years. He is always there when needed with a smile and a hearty greeting. Ken is the type of neighbor I consider myself lucky to have, and it is an honor to recommend Ken Dean for City Council.

Eric Finkel

Canyon Country

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