Gary Morrison | Republicans Calling the Kettle Black

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Letters to the Editor
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Today’s letters (Oct. 16) were almost all bleatings from Republicans about the other side using their own tactics against them and their candidates. After Barack Obama won the presidency, Mitch McConnell stated, in front of news cameras, that his first and most pressing job was to make sure Obama was a one-term president! He would accomplish this by working to make sure that the Democrats’ agenda would not pass, thus depriving Obama and the country of any progress for four years.

As part of the plan, Republicans would conduct repeated, costly investigations of Hillary Clinton over Benghazi. The fact that all the committee heads were Republican was somehow not important each time there was no evidence found to support their claims.

Some letters railed against the treatment of Brett Kavanaugh, forgetting that Chuck Grassley and the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee held a seat on the court open for over a year to prevent Obama from nominating his candidate. It is said history does not repeat itself, but it does echo through time!

To hear the insulter in chief, “Donny Johnny,” deride the Democrats as “obstuctionists” is rich! The claims and attacks he made on the campaign trail, and continuing into his time in office, are shown to be a case of “the pot calling the kettle black”! His claim that the Democrats are the “party of crime” is classic projection, given the multitude of charges against him and the “Trump crime family.”

As a parting jab, Donny Johnny had better resign or be impeached before the end of his term because if he is defeated, or chooses not to run, there will be nobody left to pardon him! Justice at last!

Gary Morrison


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