Graham Strayer | Does Anyone Care About Traffic?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am a Canyon Country resident and homeowner. I work in the San Fernando Valley. As you should already know, the traffic is bad and gets really bad.

There is no alternative to the normal way of getting back to the Santa Clarita Valley. Balboa Boulevard, Interstate 405, Interstate 5, Interstate 210, Foothill Boulevard and San Fernando Road — all the side streets all have to end up to any one of these access points, which all end up at the 14 and 5 split.  All side streets can be just as bad going through the neighborhoods.

Here is what I am getting at, with ALL the NEW homes being built: What is the city going to do to improve all access roads, including the freeway to get to the valley? What is the city going to do about all access coming back to SCV? Sierra Highway as of now cannot handle the burden of the overload from freeway traffic coming from the Antelope Valley.

All freeways, roads and side streets are all way too undersized and this results in a lack of access to get to and from the freeway.

I don’t know if your staff has research this but I definitely feel this needs to be addressed and publicly mentioned. The widening and traffic control on Sierra Highway, Foothill, Balboa and San Fernando Road should had been a huge concern of SCV prior to beginning building. I know in the past the 5 freeway through the SCV has been addressed and is currently under construction. But it is still horrific 24/7.

Anyone who does not know how bad the backup is on the 5 will surely be late to any function or private affair in the SCV and north of us. That is not good. The 14 is bad Monday through Friday at peak traffic hours and non-peak hours. Those traffic hours are becoming increasing larger.

I hope The Signal can help with this. I hope I didn’t waste your time reading this. Please forward this to the right staff member or City Council person who can address this.

Graham Strayer

Canyon Country

Editor’s note: Traffic circulation, for local traffic as well as access to and from the Santa Clarita Valley, has been a long-running issue for local elected leaders and is one of the top issues identified by multiple candidates in the Nov. 6 City Council election.

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