John Weaver | Civility, Justice Not on Hill’s Side

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
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Gary Horton’s Signal article (Oct. 10) features his interview with Democrat Katie Hill running in the 25th Congressional District against incumbent Steve Knight.

I was most interested in Hill being quoted as saying her concerns are not with the person Steve Knight but rather with “Knight’s following Trump’s impaired directives, how Steve’s party has been compromised, and the negative impact Trump’s commandeered policies are having on Californians and on civility, liberty and justice overall.”

Notwithstanding that, I completely do not understand the meaning of vague notions like “impaired directives” or “commandeered policies,” but it’s less than subtle that Katie doesn’t like Trump and Steve is bad because he’s a Republican.

I understand that Trump’s enemies are upset that he won, but the visceral hatred coming from that side is nothing other than irrational or even psychotic. Yes, Trump speaks with some colorful rhetoric and he hits back hard at those who attack him, but he hardly fits the racist, homophobic, xenophobic picture the left tries to paint.

More importantly, I like the results from his time in office. On the international side I like: ISIS defeated; enemy nations confronted rather than appeased; innocent American hostages being released from North Korea, Egypt and Turkey; fair trade deals consummated; and NATO allies being pressured to pay up as they have agreed.

I also like having a president who unashamedly declares he is pro-American rather than one who apologizes for our existence and seems to be running to win a world popularity contest.

On the domestic front, the news is the best in many years: 4-percent-plus growth; unemployment at 50-or-more-year lows; and manufacturing returning strongly to our shores.

It would seem Democrats would have something good to say about improving economic conditions and tell us how they would join to help. Instead they rail against Trump and point to Obama as the source of economic growth, which is ludicrous. On balance, Trump’s accomplishments, in two years, are remarkable.

When Hill speaks of civility as a reason Knight must go, it’s astounding. For months we’ve seen masked and hooded thugs around America start fires, break windows, stop traffic, attack cars, loot stores and threaten and attack people. I’ve heard Maxine Waters instruct her followers to gather crowds, get in their faces, and tell them they aren’t welcome. Democrat mobs dutifully obeyed by confronting Sarah Sanders, Kirsten Nielson, Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell in  restaurants, chanting, yelling/screaming to drive them out.

I’ve seen angry mobs, urged on by paid agitators, clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court and roaming the halls of the Senate screaming at senators.

I’ve heard Hillary Clinton tell us there can be no peace until Democrats take power; Cory Booker told followers to get in their (Republicans’) faces; Eric Holder said, “We (Democrats) kick ’em (Republicans),” and liberal media speak of Kanye West as being possibly “mentally ill” because he dared to agree with President Trump. And this is only a short sample. I wonder if, in the world of Katie Hill, these types of things pass for civility. She cannot claim a mantra of civility for her party.

When Katie Hill speaks of “Justice,” I am, again, astounded.

      Many years ago black citizens in our South suffered a form of justice that could be best described as “guilt by accusation.” If you don’t recognize that idea, try rereading your copy of Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Fortunately, most of that kind of justice has disappeared. Or at least it had disappeared until, in recent days, we have seen Democrat officeholders try to bring it back. Only this time the victim class is not black citizens, but male citizens.

The spectacle of Democrat senators, including California’s, foregoing the presumption of innocence in the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and declaring Kavanaugh guilty because he was accused and is a male, should both frighten and disgust us all. Our justice system may have flaws, but “presumption of innocence,” which has served us well for centuries, is not a flaw. Again, Katie Hill cannot claim a mantra of “justice.”

So, if civility and justice will not fly as reasons to support the Katie Hill campaign, what are? Hill is heavily funded by the Democrat party as directed by Nancy Pelosi. Inevitably and regardless of Hill’s individual views, this simply means support for the Democrats’ agenda, which includes higher taxes, government control of health care, open borders, support for sanctuary cities, less support for our military (including veterans) and “common sense gun control” (meaning Democrats will repeal the Second Amendment).

Voters favoring these things have their candidate. Voters not in favor should not be fooled by the vague references to civility and justice and should look to Steve Knight.

John Weaver is a Valencia resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among local Republicans.

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