Lois Eisenberg | Who Gets the Lion’s Share of Tax Cuts?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Americans are unimpressed by the GOP’s tax cuts! The wealthiest and the big boys in the stock market have pocketed the “lion’s share” of the benefits of the tax cuts.

The huge corporate tax reduction has not come to fruition, causing the United States Treasury to go into debt for trillions and trillions of dollars.

To add salt to the wound, the tax cuts have not increased business investments or higher wages for the worker.

The GOP big boys are going to be hard pressed to wiggle out of this scam.

Of all the lies that President Trump has spouted, which is 6,000 so far, saying eight untruths a day, this tax cut is the cruelest.

Trump says it is OK for him to lie as long as people agree with him!

Getting people’s hopes up is shameful, and the spineless, gutless Republican leaders have no shame in going along with this scam, and to add insult to injury they only sit back and yawn.

Lois Eisenberg


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