Bill Statler | What If California Spent Wisely?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

We Californians have had our taxes raised, raised and raised again, especially our gasoline taxes. Billions of these tax dollars have gone to Gov. Jerry Brown’s ridiculous super train which now has become a California joke. 

Here is something to think about: If some of these tax dollars had been used to purchase an adequate number of fire/water bombers for the state of California, would the devastation of land, the loss of so many homes and structures as well as the great loss of life be less than we have experienced to date? 

I believe that it definitely would have been much lower.

Now we have a newly elected politician who wants to raise our gasoline tax another 60 cents per gallon. Really? 

President Trump accused California of not being properly prepared for these fires. It appears he’s right.

Bill Statler

Santa Clarita

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