Brian Richards | A Lesson to Our Friends from Across the Aisle

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Please allow this letter to serve as a learning moment for leftists throughout the country. What I will be teaching you in this letter is very important and you should all pay attention.

To Katie Hill, Democrats now in charge of the House, and to Democrats throughout the country, I wish to congratulate you! See how easy that was? You may note that upon hearing of the defeat of Steve Knight, his supporters did not cry in agony or threaten to leave the country. When Republicans learned they had lost the House, they did not scream at the sky, vow to resist and organize (sometimes violent) demonstrations. When Republicans lost several governorships, they did not fail to concede or claim fraud or claim that the will of the people had not been followed or demand the Constitution be amended. 

No, what we did was acknowledge the defeat of the Republican Party and vow to try again in two years, go to bed and then get up the next day for work. This is the adult way to handle defeat — not to threaten to blow up the White House or wish death upon our political opponents a hundred different ways. 

Congrats again to Katie Hill and we all look forward to your commitment to fix D.C.  I’m sure you’re going to find it harder than it sounds, but by all means, give it a go and we’ll see you again in two years.

Brian Richards, Stevenson Ranch

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