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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Very recently one of our sports teams conducted themselves in a improper manner in competing and in vocalizing. Milwaukee Brewers fans and probably everyone else watching the seven-game series were incensed by the actions of some members of our team. We seem to have evolved into the team “they love to hate.” Then another team of ours physically maligns a popular opponent. This leads to another physical encounter, which includes two more Los Angeles athletes.

Our country’s leadership puts more faith in the creditably of Russian, North Korean and Middle Eastern leaders than in believing obvious truths. One of our major political parties is hiding somewhere, avoiding all violations of basic American ideals.

However, they will suddenly reappear when it is time to pay for the tax savings that were doled out to the wealthy. Hold on to your trust in Social Security and Medicare — you may be disappointed in what’s going to happen.

I have coped with these recent developments by rooting for the Red Sox and voting in November to “Make America Sane Again.”

Dick Ramirez


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