Felicia Hammond | Miranda Addresses Senior Concerns

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Several weeks ago Mr. Bill Miranda came to Atria Senior Living on Lyons Avenue to speak about his re-election to our City Council

After his talks during an open question time, I asked Bill if anything could be done to repave a dangerous section of the sidewalk between Wiley Canyon Road and the freeway. After all, this sidewalk served two senior living buildings, doctors’ offices and physical therapy centers. Further, there were two Santa Clarita bus stops serving it. Bill immediately turned to his campaign manager, Kieran Wong, and asked him to get on it.

And he did. As of Tuesday, Oct. 23, the repaving was completed. Seniors and handicapped people can now walk safely on this street.

Many thanks to Bill Miranda and Kieran Wong, and to the city of Santa Clarita.

Felicia Hammond

Santa Clarita

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