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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I moved to the Santa Clarita Valley when I was 6, and was lucky enough to attend new schools, beginning at Pinetree Elementary in Canyon Country and graduating from Valencia High School in 2001. While I do not live in the SCV, I maintain strong ties to the community; my parents live in Sand Canyon, and my company will relocate to Valencia next year. The SCV remains near and dear to me.

Santa Clarita is a great place to raise a family, but it is not the same town of Frontier Days, the Saugus Speedway and a pint-sized mall. To continue to grow smartly, the next council must walk a tight-rope between affordable and market rate housing, open space preservation and new development, and attracting new industry without adversely impacting traffic patterns and city services. The city must do this all while maintaining its strong AA+ S&P lease revenue bond rating.

Of all the individuals running for City Council this year, there are two newbies have the right stuff. Jason Gibbs is one, Sean Weber is the other. I grew up with Sean. I’ve known him since the 6th grade. He has come a long way, indeed all of us from that generation have; I’m talking about those who grew up along with the city, became entrepreneurs, business people, or raised children of their own. Our generation that is so much a part of the city’s growth should have a voice in local government; an opportunity to ensure that the city continues to thrive.

Sure, there are other candidates who claim to represent my generation, but only Sean has a track record of success as an entrepreneur. Specializing in strategy, entrepreneurship and process implementation related to information technology and digital marketing, Sean has the skills and intellect to be a great council member. He has shown he can listen well to gain the input of others, and maintain flexibility and an open mind to new ideas, all attributes of good civic leaders.

On one occasion, he built an analytical process that combined legal client data from multiple databases and accounting systems that provided paralegals and attorneys a more efficient way to manage over 10,000 cases. As a result, the law firm was able to provide higher-quality service to lower litigation costs, while minimizing expenses.

The city needs tech-savvy, real-world business leaders with substance behind them. Please join me in supporting Sean Weber for City Council.

Geoff Sager


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